Reflection on Project 1: The About Me page

When I finished the first draft of my “About Me” page, one thing stuck out in particular. It was rather long. An internal conflict began to rage within me as I went back and forth between keeping all the information because it all felt like important aspects of me and my Discourses, and cutting it down to a very simplified display of my Discourses and writing style. Eventually I decided to keep almost everything I had originally presented with some minor cuts and changes here and there based on the comments from my peer review. My internal conflict had originally been rooted in the presumption that the genre of “About Me” pages included short and sweet. However, I realized that although this could be advantageous in an “About Me” page, the genre at its core calls for an explanation/exploration of one’s self in a way that relates to the material of the other pages.

Thus, I stuck with what I had because I feel that all the explanation/exploration of my many Discourses, especially my Primary Discourse and my Secondary Discourses of high school and theatre, provides a good basis of understanding who I am as a writer for the reader. I feel that these three Discourses have shaped my so much as a writer already and will continue to shape me, and thus they deserved some attention from the readers of this blog in order to understand my writing more. My Primary Discourse has simply shaped who I am in a way that nothing else has, and who I am will show in this writing just as much as the subjects of writing will. My Secondary Discourse of high school included learning how to skillfully execute writing in many different forms, thus attributing to my style, tone, discourse, organization, etc. Lastly, my Secondary Discourse of theatre has taken the Me shaped by my Primary Discourse and continues to add onto that and shape my personality, worldview, outlook, and so on, all of which will in turn be expressed in my writing quite a bit.  I got all of this down in text in a matter of minutes because I can so easily and quickly identify these as three Discourses that have had major impacts on me and my writing. After these I decided to take a few sentences to focus on some of my other Secondary Discourses that, though not as much as theatre and my Primary Discourse, have contributed to who I am today.

I concluded my “About Me” page by connecting the Discourses to my writing and then expanding on what the writing in my blog will be like. This fulfilled the genre of the “About Me page” in that I had already talked about who I am, and now had talked about how who I am affects what will be presented in my blog. In this way, my “About Me” page displays an accomplishment of reflective ability. Although it does capture some aspects of the writing ability, my “About Me” page thoroughly involved reflecting on who I am and how I’ve become who I am and then relating that to my writing and this blog. The creation of my “About Me’ page utilized an abundance of this reflection and analyzing how my Discourses added up over time, one after the other in a way that developed my writing into the writing it is today. My “About Me” page more so captures a process relative to my past and internal development, rather than a display of core writing and rhetoric tools.

My “About Me” page was influenced most by my past writing. I was trying to channel as much of the writing style that would be found in the blog into my “About Me.” However, it was also slightly influenced by the rubric. I decided to add a picture of myself. The picture I chose was of me after seeing The Book of Mormon musical with the male lead, and the other male lead photobombing us. I chose it because it was after an experience of theatre and theatre was highly present in the page. However, I felt like it wasn’t enough to leave it at that. I decided that thirteen pictures could add a lot more to my “About Me” page. Thus I created a new page for pictures that capture my characteristics, my quirks, and different aspects of my life. I linked the picture on the “About Me” page to the “Pictures” page. I finished Project 1 with these pictures, because I felt that these pictures in addition to the writing I had done fully encompass who I am as a writer and a person, and with that my “About Me” page was complete.


2 thoughts on “Reflection on Project 1: The About Me page

  1. Really smart point about how the level of development of content in the About Me page really depends on the purpose of the blog as a whole. You’ve done a very nice job of developing a coherent, detailed reflection on your writing process and rhetorical choices. I am looking forward to checking out your page to see these choices in action.

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